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Hey there!



I'm Manan Pahwa, a Service designer & UX researcher passionate about human behaviour. On the side, I research and tinker with materials. 

Currently, on weekdays I'm working as a Service Designer & UX Researcher with Delhivery - India's fastest growing logistics company. On weekends, the material tinkerer in me takes over while I'm building Materionomics. I am an Industrial Design graduate from the National Institute of Design, India.

Prior, I've worked as a Service Designer with Replenish Earth, as a Design Researcher & Tangible Experience Designer with Fractal Analytics, design contractor for a consumer healthcare startup DVenTure (Stanford Biodesign), and as a curator with NID-A, India.


I've studied as a semester exchange student at WDKA, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


"Eventually, everything 


- Charles Eames,

on People, Ideas and Objects

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