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Trapped in Envy

#envy #direction #materialistic #emotion

Year / Duration

2018 / 4 days


Self-initiated project


Direction, Camera, Writing


Rahul Kiran (Camera),

Vikram Kalidindi (Editing)

Envy is a tendency that is innately human.

The meaning and reasons to envy have evolved through time as

much as we have. Envying one another for material possessions is not a new concept now. But have we, as the most evolved homo sapiens

to walk on this planet, ever wondered what would happen if our own material creations feel the same envy for their creators? Trapped in Envy is a subtle interpretation of vicious cycle of envy.

This promo was created for the annual intra-college festival of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India.

Theme - Envy

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