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EOD Buddy


What if we turn the tiring activity of choosing a movie into a playful experience?

#ai #cognitivescience #decisionmaking #interactiondesign #rejuvenate

Year / Duration

2021 / 3 months


Graduation Project, NID

Hats worn

Experience Designer,


Do you spend half an hour just to choose what movie to watch at the end of the day?

The experience of 'choosing a movie' at the end of the day is a tiring one, especially when the user has already taken multiple decisions during the work-day. 


The current recommendations are more pattern-driven and they don't account for the user's contextual needs. The user deserves a fatigue-free movie choosing experience.

We understand a user's journey starting from the end-of-workday to the final moment of decision. Using cutting-edge AI, power of Internet-of-Things and amazing user-experience - we convert this effortful activity into a playful experience. Not only a movie recommendation, this experience helps the user rejuvenate; restore the cognitive reserves. 

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