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Materionomics curates, advises and consults for Material-Centered Design solutions.


Materionomics curates, advises and consults for

 Material-Centered Design solutions.

My role at materionomics consists of
1. Design researcher and Strategist, finding novel opportunities for Material-Centered Design solutions within different Industries including art, design, technology and environment.
2. Communication Strategist, for different platforms.
3. Curator, Society of Materials : a series of Exhibitions bridging the accessibility of Materials and Experiences across geographies.

This was before I met you

Observant child, interested in collecting. Born in an industrialist's home (my father being a pharmaceutical manufacturer) - processes always inspired me.

And I applied my hand into drawing and painting.


This book told me about you, then I fell in love with you.. To this day I'm trying to understand what makes me so intrigued by you… I have so many questions, and so few answers…


This is what you show me

I see the world from the lens of materials

Materials are tools to tell stories and to induce one. They are a medium of expression and identity.



Materials are perpetually present around us, while humans are born and gone, materials are an archive that help us shape our worldview.



Material has multiple definitions.

Elements are the lowest denominators among materials.


While at a philosophical state, anything around us could be considered as a material. For a choreographer, humans are materials while for a Data Scientist, data is a material.



Data is the new oil.

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