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Design for Better Decisions

Experience design to convey Fractal's transdisciplinary approach ​to powering better decisions.

#ai #cognitivescience #tangibleexperience #designethnography

Year / Duration

2020 / 4 months


Internship at Fractal Analytics

Hats worn

Strategy, Design Research, Experience Designer

How can we bring alive the power of AI, Engineering & Design?

How can tangible-experiences become a medium of bringing alive complex ideas?

What role does tangible experience play in an enterprise context?

The journey of navigating through business needs, user-needs and finding the best solution directions by the application of various tools and frameworks of research methodology are depicted below. 


The inception of this project happened when I interned with Fractal Analytics .


This experience was supposed to become a part of Fractal's annual strategy-event Client Advisory Board (CAB) to be held in October 2020 (pre-covid). 


What if we designed a spatial / physical “experience” that brings alive 2 core concepts that we are focused on at Fractal:

  1. Powering every human decision: this is part of Fractal’s core purpose. Helping people make better decisions (in the enterprise, but more generally too)

  2. How we are doing this is to bring together the power of AI, Engineering and Design. Video link 

AED-Exp Ideas #3 (2).png



Three phases : 
PHASE 1  | DIAMOND 1  |  Addressing Business needs

PHASE 2 | DIAMOND 2 |  Ideating and finding Solution Directions

PHASE 3 | DIAMOND 3 |  User-research and Intervention

Website_GP (54).png


RIP THE BRIEF was used as a tool to uncover the layers of the iceberg (client's brief).

The exercise helped in uncovering various research directions to move ahead. 

Website_GP (53).png


What does AED stand for?

Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 3.18.36 PM.png
Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 3.18.42 PM.png
Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 3.18.53 PM.png

What is the co-relation between the three domains?

Fractal's core motive is to power every human decision in the enterprise. This diagram is an illustrated version of the original

(by Param Venkataraman, CDO, Fractal Analytics)

Co-ideation Workshop.png

How do we convey AED?

The first tool thought of was understanding AED through client-projects.

However, this strategy was still at its nascent stages within Fractal without any lead-worthy examples.

So we turned towards the Executive Team at Fractal to understand how would they communicate AED to their clients? How does AED stand-out among several other problem-solving strategies?

In addition to this, the Executive Team members became a medium to dive-deeper into the CAB Member persona as we could not directly converse with the CAB Members ( Fractal's clients )

Method Primary Research

Activity User-Interview

Type Semi-structured

Method Secondary Research

Activity Video Ethnography

Misc Website.png

Experience Design

A few inspiring examples of how complex ideas are communicated in experiential manner.

1_Opportunity & Strategy (1).jpg

Precedent study -  a holistic view, tiles represent case-studies (detailed below)

Team_Workshop Ideation_Page_02.png


(Client Advisory Board)

At CAB, executive-level visionaries and thought leaders connect at a common platform from diverse industries, and together explore new avenues and try to a build a better world for humankind.


User-Journey mapping with the Marketing Team

The internal marketing team organises CAB. From the design team, I along with Kautuk Trivedi, Neel Koradia and Madonna Thomas along with the marketing team mapped the user-journey to find potential touchpoints to enhance the user-experience.

Website_GP (20).png

The deliverable was a report including collection of potential adoptable ideas for CAB 2020. This also helped us gain clarity on the impact & positioning of the Tangible Experience within the larger event experience of CAB.

Click to view high-fidelity

1_Opportunity & Strategy.jpg

User-Journey of a CAB member -  a holistic view

Website_GP (27).png


1. Excerpts from Transcriptions​ 

Structuring the unstructed data (LiquidText)


2. Structure Data 

Transcribes arranged

next to key questions (Excel)


3. Key synthesis

Deriving insights, drawing connections and combinations (Miro)

1_Opportunity & Strategy (9).jpg
1_Opportunity & Strategy (8).jpg
1_Opportunity & Strategy (8).jpg
Website_GP (10).png
Website_GP (13).png
Website_GP (14).png
AED-Exp Ideas #3 (3).png
Website_GP (21).png


To understand what decisions do consumers take everyday​ and explore possible directions, a co-ideation workshop was facilitated.

Method Co-ideation workshop

Participants Group of 9 consumers with backgrounds from A-E-D (Data-Scientist - NLP and Structured, Data Engineer, Behavioural Architect, Design Researcher, Interaction Designer)


The co-ideation workshop was a guided session where the participants were exposed to the research and the intent of the project and co-ideate

for the true-AED experience.


Mode      Online

Tool MS Teams, Miro

Team_Workshop Ideation (1).png

Participants during the co-ideation workshop  

Decision Scenario 

After familiarising, the users were asked to think of two different scenarios in which they take decisions. 

Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 7.31.05 PM.png


The team co-ideated to convert these decision scenarios into engaging experiences.

2_Discover and Ideation (9).jpg
2_Discover and Ideation (7).jpg

Picked 4 decision scenarios

BLUE SKY THINKING approach to generate multiple ideas for the 4 explored directions

2_Discover and Ideation.jpg
Screenshot 2021-01-15 130224f.png

Due to COVID,

the focus of the project shifted from Event-centric to Consumer-centric

Website_GP (51).png
Website_GP (30).png
Website_GP (52).png
2_Discover and Ideation (10).jpg

Idea bulletin board ( Post-It = Decision)

Website_GP (35).png
Website_GP (36).png
Website_GP (38).png
2_Discover and Ideation (17).jpg
Website_GP (37).png
2_Discover and Ideation (16).jpg

Decisions along with AED Spins


AED-Experience Ideas_WebLink.png

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